If you have expert knowledge in the real estate industry we’d love to share it with our readers!

The Askar Report is geared towards educating individual investors who are interested in real estate investment. If you have original content you’d like to share with our audience we’d be happy to publish it after a thorough review.

Contributor guidelines:

  • All articles must be original content.
  • Stories greater than 500 words are more likely to be published.
  • Factual information, statistics, and other references in articles result in better content for our readers.
  • No excessive linking outside of actual references.
  • All articles should be accompanied by a author name and bio. Links to social profiles are a plus.

To submit an article for consideration please send to dave dot askar at gmail dot com with “Askar Report Guest Submission” as the subject line. We try to give everyone feedback, but due to the high volume of submission we may or may not reply to your submission.