Gifts for Clients During the Buying Process

Closing the deal on the house is the biggest gift you could give to your real estate client. A home below market price is definitely a gift a client would never forget, but how does one sweeten the deal during the buying process? Client gifts are essential during the viewing, bidding and buying process to keep clients engaged, giving them them ease of mind while going through at times a difficult and expensive process.

1. A stocked fridge and snack drawer for in-person meetings
The way to anyone’s heart is through food. Having a snack drawer, a liquor cabinet and cold water will retain the client’s attention during your initial meetings to discuss budget, location and/or selling their current home. Be sure to supply snack and beverages for the appropriate time in the day. You would not want to offer a glass of whiskey at 10 a.m.

2. Branded “We’ve Moved” Cards
Amp up the excitement for your client by purchasing cards they can send to friends and family once they close on a home! Depending on how long it takes to find a new home to move into, this simple touch can be a gentle reminder that the work you’re putting in to find them their dream home will be worth it, even if the house has been chosen.

Additionally, get your cards branded and purchase in bulk. Referrals are the #1 way to get new clientele and a happy client means non-reluctant referrals!

3. The set of house keys with embellishments
What the client wants more than anything is to close on their dream home. When the day has come to turn over the keys of your client’s new home, give them their keys with a bit of flair. Personalized keychains is a gift that takes thought and a some time, ideal for real estate agents with clients shopping over a period of time.

Your client deserves the best. Go that extra mile while checking the real estate climates in Chicago to promote business with a personalized touch.


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